How To Make Money Buying Traffic

It is obvious that to make Money from any blog or website, one would
need to flood that website or blog with visitors day in day out. It is also possible to achieve this either through free sources, cheap sources or paid sources. The fear now is if is going to work out- spending less on traffic and achieving the best results. The best and the wise choice is to go for traffic that will
give the maximum results.
It is important to know the different traffic sources that are available and to be able choose the one that suite ones needs. These traffic sources are of different qualities and of various prices;

Pay Per Clicks Arbitrage

Making profit  from internet marketing by doing less work is actually possible through Pay Per Clicks Arbitrage.
 Pay Per Click is an advertising network that involves either showing yours or peoples’s Ads on your website or advertising a product or promotion of other companies. When u Arbitrage pay par click is like standing as an
intermediary between your site and other networks or companies in promoting their businesses and make your cool cash on commissions from performing this simple task. Making money is easy with pay per click arbitrage but u will need to get registered with so many networks or company to make more money. You place their ads based on the amount of commissions you can make from the companies or networks.
Just like I said in my previous posts an paying for pay per click ads in running your businesses that you don’t over pay for advertisement in order to maximize your earnings.

How Save Is Buying Website Traffic for Google AdSense?

  Google AdSense can be regarded as the easiest way to make money online via blogging. Some believes in buying traffic while others believe that naturally, Google would send traffic to their blog or website without paying a dime via Google Adsence. Some smile to the bank monthly having made huge amounts from Google while others find it difficult to even make a few cents per month from Google. The question now is- How can you get the most out of your Google Adsence?
Buy Legitimate Traffic
Remember that Google encourages the promotion of your blog or websites in any manner provided it is within their program policies and that you are solely responsible for the kind of traffic you send to Google Ads on your blog or website. It is always advisable you go for quality traffic when purchasing. Traffic should not be bought to deceive your visitors and do not have the impression that people would always click your Ads.
Avoid Cheap Or Bad Traffic

Surviving Without Google Traffic

 The most dominant search engine traffic online, is the Google Traffic. Some of the Google Traffic sources or tools includes; Email traffic via Gmail, Google plus, Google Drive, Google search and trying to verify your traffic, use Google Analytics. All these tools are necessary when running a

business online but what if your site disappear from Google index one day? How would you survive without Google traffic? Alternatives to Google tools among others are;
Alternative to youtube includes Veoh, Vimeo, Viddler, Daily motion etc.
Alternatives to Google Drive includes SugarSync, Cubby, Dropbox etc.
Alternatives to Adwords includes Infolinks, AdRoll, 7Search etc.
Alternatives to Google Keyword planners includes Bing keyword planner, SEMRush etc.
 However, there are so many ways to generate traffic for your blog or website without depending on Google traffic. Some of which are;

10 Good Reasons to Start a Business Blog

It is a known fact that to succeed online, you will definitely need a business blog. Blogging requires a great deal of efforts and it must be properly done for success to be attained. Among the reasons why you should get a business blog are as follows;
1. Your Blog Represents your Business
One important aspect of blogging is that it represents your business and speaks for you even when you are sleeping. A business blog shows your company’ ideas, products qualities. It shows the proficiency of your business and with a business blog, you are able to convince your prospects to take actions.
2. It Converts Visitors To Buyers
The more you post contents, the more your visitors are likely to increase bringing about an increase in your click through rates and the more income you generate.
3. Your Blog is a Public Relations Platform
Operating a business blog actually humanizes your brands and gives room for like minded people to come together and indirectly or directly, your company is more trusted.

Implications of Reusing Old Posts

old-postsold posts may lead to a duplicate contents and you can as well be penalize for it.   However, the penalty can be avoided following these tips;
 Update Old Content for New Realities
Look for evergreen or ever relevant posts on your website or blog for reusing. Blog posts that are relevant yesterday can still be relevant today. Blog posts relating to Traffic, SEO etc are evergreen and can still be reused and re-posted on your blog. However, it does not really make sense when you go on salvaging dead posts.

WordPress Content Translation Plugins. Does it Actually Work?

translation-plugins A blog or website that runs on more than one language might require the use of wordpress content translation plugins. Ways to translate your blog from one language to another includes; The use of the service or services of a professional blog or website translator which may sometimes be too expensive. You can as well hire a writer that is Bilingual and very fluent in the second language. Also there is a free tool or tools that are perfect for blog or website translation on Google that is capable of translating even more complex phrases. Also, if you are on wordpress platform, there are so many plugins you can use but the question now is if those plugin actually worth using or not. The Blog or website translator plugins on wordpress are either free or premium/paid ones but it better you go for the premium translation plugings if your website or blog is large with a lot of posts. Some of these Plugins are listed below;
This is a free translation plugin with less support unlike the paid ones with 24hours support for customers. Although this plugin has quick install that allows you to quickly install it but you can only publish translated versions of your post from the admin dashboard.